International Commerce


What do we offer?

  • Due to themarket’s evolution, we think it is key to offer our clients International consulting.
  • Help them in International Commerce, or in Internationalization Processes that contribute to their growth and expansion.
  • So that your company can obtain a distinguishing factor, and with an increasingly demanding future in a globalized market.
  • Experience. Our professionals and collaborators have a long trajectory in multiple sectors and disciplines, with a presence in Europe, America and Asia.
  • Professionalism yet closeness, dedication and trust, effort and commitment, a capacity to adapt and guide, and implication in your company’s results.

Boost your sales

  • Economic outlook. A high unemployment rate and stagnant consumption are just a couple of the characteristics that are projected to remain the same in the near future.
  • Global structure and markets. The world is an enormous market, and we must take advantage of it.
  • We have to not be afraid of other countries and cross borders. The only difference is the distance in the “come and go” of products.
  • SMEs are the base of the economy and business fabric. They can also export. And import, and don’t forget it.
  • A fixed, permanent structure is not necessary. It is about adapting to their needs.


Improve competitiveness

  • We have mentioned the possibility of increasing sales, your business’ growth, and other aspects of exporting, but….
  • Don’t forget the advantages that an importing process can mean to your business. It can and should improve competitiveness.
  • Reduction in costs

Have you ever thought about importing?

reduce costs

5 reasons to boost your sales abroad

  • Growing vectors in current partners: cross-selling, new value added services, training programs…
  • Sequential intensification of the market’s actions in specific areas, regions, countries and/or markets.
  • Improvements applied to the monetary flow abroad: payments/receivables, tools and procedures.
  • Varying resources in sales abroad.
  • Communication with clients: suiting the documentation system (online, printed and objects); closing gaps in interpersonal relations; communication de-hierarchy.

“Boost your sales”

  • Market research.
  • Implementing at destination. Creating affiliates, branches and offices.
  • Looking for distributors and members.
  • Selecting personnel at the destination.
  • Multi-lateral markets. Call for bids.
  • Assistance in business trips, missions and fairs BAA management.
  • Management of displaced personnel Accompaniment.
  • Manage and file grants.
  • Financial management and export and import operations.
  • International on-line positioning.
  • Reduction in costs International purchases in low-cost countries. Improve competitiveness.